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We have a large range of portable photo backgrounds available for hire to suit any occasion. From plain colour backdrops to elegant sequin backgrounds and the new mermaid backgrounds which change colour with touch. All backgrounds are available for hire with the Open and Closed Curtain Photo Booths. From plain traditional walls to new modern and bold styles, we have it all. Our Flower Walls are designed and made with high quality materials including stunning vivid pastel flowers, lush green leaves and crisp, soft roses. 

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The beauty of a Green Screen is that you can easily add a photo background of your choice to suit your event’s theme. Create your own or choose from one of our professionally designed backgrounds covering a variety of fun themes and landscapes that allow you to transport your guests anywhere in the world. Green Screens are available for hire with the Closed Curtain Photo Booth and Inflatable Cube Photo Booth. Contact us to view our range of pre-designed background templates.​ You will have the choice to choose from 1-18 backgrounds to use at your event. Choose from the below themes, mix and match or use your own background designs.


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